New Season of Glee Starts Today!

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Ok Gleeks and everyone trapped in their Gleekdom.  The Glee season 2 premier starts tonight at 9:28 (special start and end time due to American Idol) on Fox and they not only pulled out all of the stops for this episode, but they went above and beyond their normal casting and are featuring the other half of the original Wicked Witches with Idina Menzel (the original Elphaba in the show Wicked) and also bringing in newer Broadway Sensation Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening.

Not only did we love Kristen Chenoweth last season as the drunken Realtor, but now we get to watch her Wicked counterpart perform in the show.  In the episode Wheels we saw Kurt and Rachel battle it out over one of Idina’s most well known songs Defying Gravity so it’ll be great to see how they can try to top last season.

Don’t forget to turn on Fox tonight at 9:28 pm EST to watch the season 2 premier of Glee on Fox and then come back here to post about it.