1 Shubert Alley – The Best Broadway Store in NYC

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I just got back from NYC and was extremely disappointed to see that Catch Me if You Can the Musical has been canceled. The show was actually pretty amazing and they did an excellent job with the choreography and the music. Unfortunately though they decided to close the show. Because the show was closed they quit printing window cards (broadway posters) which also means that everyone and every store was sold out, except for one, 1 Shubert Alley in NYC.

1 Shubert Alley is the original broadway merchandise store in NYC. Not only was it one of the first to start selling official broadway merchandise, but the location makes you want to spin around and belt out a few tunes. That is because 1 Shubert Alley is located in between about 5 theatres and just off of times square in the heart of broadway. Unlike the other stores which are owned by the company that owns 1 Shubert Alley, 1 Shubert Alley is a tiny room packed full of broadway everything.

You can find everything from window cards (broadway posters) to magnets, cd’s, tshirts and everything else from a majority of the shows that are currently running to shows that have recently closed (including hard to find merchandise like my Catch Me if You Can Broadway Poster because not many people know of this store because it is down an alley next to a theatre) and even merchandise from some of the more classic shows that are either touring or closed a long time ago. The only thing you cannot find at 1 Shubert Alley are window card frames (broadway poster frames) which is probably only because there isn’t that much space inside the store to store them. You can however buy window card frames at their other locations which are all within a 2 or 3 block walk.

The thing that I loved about 1 Shubert Alley was that it not only looked and felt historic, but they had everything that the theatres were sold out of. The staff was friendly, the prices were competitive and the soundtracks playing were a lot of fun. If you want a real broadway experience and want the perfect place to buy broadway merchandise after seeing a show, check out 1 Shubert Alley which is also the address of the broadway shop in NYC.

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  1. Carol Kenny

    Please let me know when you have CDs with the music from the Broadway Play at the Imperial Theater: “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” with all songs from the play. Also let me know when you have a DVD that shows the Broadway play for people who have attended it but want to lie in bed and revisit the wonderful dancing, singing, and smiling in the funny play. Thanks, Carol Anne (baptismal name) Loker (maiden name) Kenny, with the simply legal-pen name of Carol Kenny