Avenue Q at the Stages Theatre NYC Reviewed

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So I just got back from another trip to NYC and this time decided to see the off broadway version of Avenue Q at the stages theatre. So before we get into the review, I wanted to go over what off-broadway is vs. on broadway and what you can expect. If you don’t want to read the post, then my review is a good one and you should definitely check out Avenue Q at the Stages Theatre off broadway. You can buy tickets by clicking on the goldstar or ticket liquidator banners in the right hand side of this blog.

Off broadway shows are pretty much the exact same thing as broadway shows except the theatres are smaller and you are extremely close to the actors. The talent is amazing, the sets are scaled down for some shows, but the quality is still very high. Off broadway show openings are usually more unknown or are up and coming shows where broadway usually has box office and big budget shows opening. That’s pretty much the only difference between off broadway shows and on broadway shows. So now that you know the difference, lets go over the now off broadway version of Avenue Q at the stages theatre in NYC.

I absolutely love this show. Everything from my favorite characters Kate and the Bad News Bears to Princeton and Christmas Eve makes me laugh my ass off and want to sing a long. If you have never seen the show but only listened to the soundtrack, you’ll notice a few changes. 1. The bad news bears are in the show and play the bad influence on the characters and 2. Time sensitive things like George Bush during the ending song is replaced with Fox News.

The show was a Sunday Matinee show so it was kind of early. The cast seemed to be a little off when it started and no one was really working the songs like I thought they would have, however by the middle of the first half, Kate, Christmas Eve, Trekky and everyone else was belting out tunes and brought the show to life. The only character that was really not well done was Brian. The guy was probably just having an off day, but it seemed like he wasn’t in the mood to do the show and was just at a rehearsal. He was talented and all but it just didn’t feel like he was giving it his all. Overall the entire performance was fantastic and I would definitely go to see it again.

The cast was great, the show is awesome and because the theatre is small you get to really see everything which is amazing. Avenue Q at the stages theatre in NYC is 100% worth seeing even though it is off broadway. The show is still great and because it is off broadway it seemed like the tickets are even cheaper. If you are heading to NYC and want to see Avenue Q at the stages theatre, click the Goldstar and Ticket Liquidator banners in the right hand side of this blog and you’ll find great deals on Avenue Q in New York City tickets as well as a ton of other shows.