Broadway Rumors – In The Heights

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So on my flight back from Sweden yesterday I was listening to the showtunes channel on the Scandinavian Airlines music channel.  They were talking about a show that I don’t have any particular interest in ever seeing called In The Heights.

I believe it is a story about people in the heights in the NY area and in Washington Washington Heights from the song they played shortly after.  I saw the trailers and a couple songs from the show performed at show tunes nights like the one at Sidetracks in Chicago and this show has no appeal.  Sure it may have won a bunch of awards but when you have years where there is a lag in good shows or blockbusters like Wicked and Hairspray, shows like In The Heights can win because there is nothing else available or new to vote for.

Anyways, the rumor I was hearing was that the producer or director or something from one of the High School Musical films was going to take In The Heights and make it into a Hollywood film.  This could be good or bad.  Lately we’ve seen Rent, Nine, Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray and other loved broadway shows turned into movies.  Some were huge hits and others kind of got lost.  What concerns me is that there was no appeal with this show as a show to many people and if a producer or director from a happy, feel good tween movie world comes and messes with a Broadway show, it could ruin the actual show, turn the down parts into happy parts and possibly ruin part of the show.

On the other hand, maybe having it turned into a film, they usually alter the shows a bit, could actually make it more interesting or even if they keep all of the original songs and don’t mess with it it may drive people to the show as a Hollywood styled show can grab a huge audience.

I did see one of the Broadway stars from In The Heights as a judge on the show Throw Down with Bobby Flay on the food network during the Cuban sandwiches throw down and even though I thought she was excellent, I still had no desire to watch the show.  I also did not like the song Carnival or whatever it was that I heard on the plane.

Overall I still have no desire to pay Broadway ticket prices to see a show like In The Heights when there are a million other shows out there, but I will pay to see it in a movie theatre out of curiosity.  This could be a good thing if they make it more appealing and add a Hollywood twist to this lackluster show.  It’ll also be fun to see if this rumor is a real one and if In The Heights becomes the next show to be turned into a Hollywood movie.