How Do You Know If She Loves You from Enchanted Video

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If there is one thing that Disney can do better than anyone it is to take a cheesy kids musical and turn it into a real life musical and also make it so that adults want to listen to it and sing a long to it as well. The first time I saw a preview for the Disney Musical Movie Enchanted I thought that it was kind of cool but had no desire to see it since it was a kids movie. Then every night at showtunes night at Sidetracks, JRs, EFN Lounge and everywhere else in the world, even at showtunes night at the Hippo in Baltimore, they began playing How Does She Know from Enchanted.

Not only did the song build up a fan base of people singing along, but it also built up entire lines of call backs, audience participation moments and lots of noise. Not only was Disney able to to create a show and song that would bring showtunes fans across the country up onto their feet and sing a long, but they did it without even trying to. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I definitely eventually fell in love with How Do You Know If She Loves You from Enchanted at showtunes night which makes me tempted to actually go and watch the movie musical.

It is technically a Disney movie so it will probably have a great production value. I know I like at least one of the songs from the movie musical and even though it is for kids, Disney usually creates a few jokes for the adults to get as well. The only problem is that I don’t really see a need to go and rent it which is why I am waiting for it to come onto on demand and then I’ll watch it there. I guess netflix could work as well, but that would involve effort. Anyways, here is the song How Do You Know If She Loves You from Disney’s movie musical Enchanted. (I probably have the song’s name wrong so please feel free to correct me by leaving a comment below.)