I’m Not At All In Love With Him from The Pajama Game

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One thing that always bugged me about my friends is they are all always trying to find boyfriends or someone to marry. For some reason getting married never seemed to be part of what I wanted to do. I never even really wanted to have a boyfriend, however over the last few months that has started to change. I didn’t really want to admit it to anyone, especially because I always loved being single, but two of my friends actually called me out on it.

One of my friends sat back and went holy sh*t, you want a relationship. I don’t know what sprung it on her or gave it away, but when we were talking about her boyfriend like we always do, she sat back and couldn’t speak. Something I said or the way I was sitting gave it away that I think I’m ready to start dating people again. The other person that called me out on it was a friend who I was visiting in Philadelphia the other weekend. (BTW, Ms. Saigon was playing and we didn’t get to see it. I was pissed! lol) When we were going up the elevator after clubbing at the Loews hotel, he looked at me and said, You’re full of sh*t about dating. You want a boyfriend. The truth is that I was a bit more obvious that night.

I was completely cuddly, affectionate and friendly…not to mention I was flirting with guys instead of just trying to pick one up for the night at the bar. I guess that’s the difference between when you’re happily single and when you want to start dating again. When you’re happily single you pick a guy up for sex and it doesn’t matter if you see him again. If you are ready to date, you may still have a one night stand, but you actually think about if you could see him again. You think if you would want to wake up next to him instead of by yourself and happy. If you could take him to brunch or if you really like him then to your family’s house. I guess the truth is that I’m really ready to start dating people again. I know I have trust issues but at the same time the only way to get over them is to start dating again. Anyways, because I’m over my I’m happy being single and I’m ready to start dating again, I wanted to play the song I’m not at all in love with him from The Pajama Game.

I’m not at all in love with him from the Pajama Game is a woman who is singing about not being in love with a guy. She doesn’t want to admit she may like him and is also giving the same story that I always gave about not caring about dating or liking a guy. Anyways, here is I’m Not At All In Love With Him from The Pajama Game. Feel free to leave a comment below or share this post by clicking the tweet button or Facebook share button at the top. I feel like I should be placing a dating ad on this post lol.