It Sucks to Be Me Video from Avenue Q – I love this song

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If there is one song that never gets old it has to be It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q. You always hear people bitching about how life sucks when the reality is that nothing in their lives really is that bad. Then another friend comes along and that friend says that life sucks or complains about their day. Then another friend comes along, etc… That’s basically how this song goes. Each character has something wrong or something bugging them and they all compete with each other to see whose life sucks worse.

Some people bitch about their commutes to work. Others bitch about not making enough money. Some people bitch about having to be alone or being single and not being able to meet anyone. Some people complain about their roommates and others complain that their house is to quiet and empty. No matter what, someone will complain and everyone will compete with each other. That’s why I love It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q.

It is all of the characters competing with each other until Gary Coleman comes along and wins. It is almost like real life with my friends right now where everyone is bitching about something. For some reason no one really cares but they just want to bitch or complain so that they can be heard and see who can bitch the most. I think the real reason they all love to bitch is that they really just want a reason to have cocktails and hangout. What better excuse than complaining about work or roommates or being single, etc… It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q is the perfect for listening to while driving, working or even just getting dressed for work or going out. The song is funny and makes you laugh and want to sing along. That is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular songs from the show. Anyways, here is It Sucks to Be Me from the musical Avenue Q. Feel free to leave your own bitch or complaint below if you are having an It Sucks to Be Me day.