Seth Rudetsky Tries to Catch Me If You Can – Aarron is Hot!

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We all know Seth is a married man and has a fabulous daughter and family. The problem is when you throw in someone who is absolutely hot, gorgeous and talented like Aarron Tveit from the show Catch Me if You Can on Broadway and you have him perform in a tight black tshirt in front of Seth Rudetsky. Who can blame him for not only loving the music, but also having to take a few looks at Aarron while he’s performing. Who can blame him though, look at how gorgeous Aarron is.

Aarron has amazing skin, a great facial structure, a perfect body (which you get to see while he is laying on a doctors table in the hospital with the leading lady in the show and he also has an amazing voice which people have loved with everything from Next to Normal to his new leading role in Catch Me if You Can. What I love about this clip is that even if Seth wasn’t checking him out, like the rest of everyone else in the world was, it certainly looks like he couldn’t help but to take a quick couple of glances at Aarron’s posture while he was singing. I think just about everyone who wasn’t mesmerized by Aaron’s presence or facial expressions while he sings ends up checking out his ass or perfect figure in his clothes. He really has the whole broadway package. An amazing voice, great looks, an incredible actor, he can dance and although he looks nervous in the interview, he can speak. Seth had an amazing show today and when you watch the clip you’ll see that not even the Amahhzing Seth Rudetsky could help but to check out Aarron Tveit while he was singing. Hey, there’s absolutely no harm in taking a quick glance, I know I was fixed on him when he was topless in the show and just about everyone else couldn’t take their eyes and ears off of him while he was dressed either. Aarron is an amazing up and coming actor and I am super excited to see him landing leading roles and getting some great solos. Congrats Aarron and great show Seth!