I Miss The Mountains from Next To Normal – BiPolar Has It’s Ups and Downs

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If you are looking for a show that isn’t your typical happy ending and everything comes out on top show, Next to Normal is probably a great broadway show for you to go see. One of the songs that I love from the show, besides Superboy and the Invisible Girl, is I Miss the Mountains. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is a song about a woman who is Bipolar and currently on her medication.

The thing about Bipolar people is that they have huge ups and downs. They go through peaks of happiness with huge creative outlets and amazing thinking and usually rarely sleep. Then all of the sudden they hit a low time and have severe depression which is why they have peaks and lows. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is about a woman who no longer gets the peaks that come with the disease and she misses having those days and weeks where everything is amazing and happy. Life seems to be amazing when you have a peak. Everything is happy, good and you are extremely focused and feel like you can conquer anything. You get more done and you basically have no bad feelings or thoughts. The problem is that after your peak you hit a low and it gets scary with how bad people can get on their lows.

I was talking to a social worker friend today about people who are Bipolar and he said that many of them do miss the peaks when they go on medications, but at the same time they are scared of the lows. Some of them end up stopping their meds because they crave the peaks bad enough, but when they hit their lows they can go even lower which can be life threatening since they cannot pull out of their lows. The song I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is an amazing representation of how a Bipolar person who is medicated must feel. The song is sort of like a country song mixed with folk music and absolutely beautiful. If you didn’t know it was about being Bipolar and on medications, you’d probably never guess what it was about and think it was actually about mountains, with the exception of a few random lines. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is an awesome song to listen to and one that is fun to sing a long to. I will probably end up adding it to my iPhone soon.