Wick from The Secret Garden – A Great Gardening Song

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So I was at the plant shop down the street looking for a topsy turvy tomatoe tree planter, which of course they didn’t have so I have to order one from Amazon, and I was looking through all of the plants. They had an entire section of plants that were pretty much dead which all of the sudden made a song pop into my head, Wick from the Secret Garden. The song Wick from The Secret Garden is one of those inspirational songs that’s supposed to tell you to not give up, things are going to get better and to be happy.

The thing about the song Wick from The Secret Garden is that you can either listen the messaging and look for the good in people and help them to bring it out if they seem like a bad person, or you can take it literally with no meaning behind it and think its all about gardening and bringing plants back to life. Unfortunately for the writer and composer, I decided to take it literally and when I was looking through the dead plants, which if I brought home alive would probably die anyways, I started to sing Wick from The Secret Garden.

Wick from the Secret Garden is a song that the helper boy on the estate sings to the lead character. He is showing her the garden and that the plants are not dead because “there is a single streak of green inside it”. When she realizes that the garden is not dead, it also sort of clicks in her head that maybe everyone from the sick boy in the house to her uncle’s heart aren’t dead either. Maybe if she can find a single streak of green in their hearts and their health that the whole estate can recover. The song is basically a metaphor for bringing things back to life and realizing that just because something looks dead or impossible to bring back to life, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Wick from The Secret Garden also happens to be a very fun song to sing and to listen to when you are planting in your own garden as well so it is also a win win if you need a soundtrack to garden to. This one is definitely on my top ten list of broadway songs to garden to.