Forbidden Broadway Kristin Chenoweth, Glitter and Be Gay

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For all of the Chenofans out there who love Kristin Chenoweth, myself included, you have to hear the Forbidden Broadway version of Glitter and Be Gay which they did in response to Kristin Chenoweth performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide. If you’re not familiar with Forbidden Broadway, they are an off broadway show that changes each year and makes fun of all of the main stream and off broadway shows as well as all of the major broadway stars.

Probably the most famous parodies they do are of Patti Lupone, not only because she’s an easy target, but also because they are just seriously funny. I’ll be doing a post with her Gypsy Forbidden Broadway song later this week. The reality is that until Forbidden Broadway makes fun of you, you haven’t made it on Broadway. It’s sort of like traditional media’s roasts where they only roast the top celebrities. Forbidden Broadway only makes fun of the best of the best on Broadway. That is why I love the Forbidden Broadway parody of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay. Not only does it rip into Kristin in a funny way, but it takes you through pretty much all of her career.

The Forbidden broadway Kristin Chenoweth Glitter and Be Gay is amazing. I love that it starts with how she abandoned broadway, even though she didn’t, and then goes from the beginnings of her career on broadway into Pushing up Daisies and then back to Wicked. Then all of the sudden she’s to popular for broadway and Idina so she goes back to pop culture since that is always popular. The only thing that the song is missing is her performance on west wing and Promises Promises, but then again I think that this song came out before Kristin did Promises Promises.

Anyways, if you love parodies and you love broadway, you have to check out Forbidden Broadway. It is not only hilarious if you love theatre, but you’ll love the parodies that they do of famous broadway stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Patti Lupone. Forbidden Broadway is also where I discovered Christine Pedi who I absolutely love and adore. She is incredibly talented and does an amazing Liza Minelli impersonation. Anyways, here is the Forbidden Broadway version of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay.