Unexpected Song from Song & Dance

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If there is one song that is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and not many people remember until they hear it, it has to be Unexpected Song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show Song & Dance. Not only is this one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, but when you have someone like Bernadette Peters singing it you have an amazing team. Bernadatte Peters offers her voice which is a mix of musical theatre and opera to a gorgeous love song from an Andrew Lloyd Webber show and you have one of the most amazing combinations in theatre history. This is also the song that I couldn’t remember the name of that Julie James sang when I went to see Live on Broadway in NYC.

I miss Andrew Lloyd Webber shows because he has always created the best music with some of the best singers. The music is memorable and gorgeous and almost any of his love ballads are the perfect songs for first dances at weddings. Unexpected Song from Song & Dance is one of those songs that I love and is definitely one that will be on the play list for my wedding day, if I ever get married.

It won’t be played while we are eating dinner or walking down the isle, but it is perfect for pre-wedding drinks and conversation as well as when people are sitting in the chapel or synagogue and waiting for the wedding party to start entering the building. Unexpected Song from Song and Dance is one of my favorite broadway showtunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber and one that I hope you will love as well. If you love this song or any of the other songs from Song & Dance, feel free to leave a comment below and maybe we’ll post it as one of our next showtunes posts.