A Boy Like That from West Side Story

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So I have been having a Romeo and Juliet relationship except instead of having to fight over a family fued or terf war with two racial gangs, the guy is severely allergic to my cat and my cat absolutely loves him. I don’t want to get rid of the cat (even though I am allergic to him as well) because I rescued him from a last minute adoption so they wouldn’t put him to sleep, and he is the sweetest cat in the world. (I’m also a dog person btw). Anyways, whenever I see the guy he makes cat jokes to me or says me or the cat and frost also always wants my attention, and his, when he is over so it is sort of like frost is the feud for me in my little Romeo and Juliet styled story. I also thought that the Romeo and Juliet feud in my life would come from my mom yelling at me for not marrying a nice Jewish boy and his family yelling for not marrying a Christian or in his own culture, but at the same time, I guess the cat feud is a much lesser evil so I’m lucky. It sort of reminds me of the song A Boy Like That from West Side Story.

Anita, Maria’s sister, doesn’t approve of Maria’s love for Tony. Because she’s from the Latino gang and he is from the White gang, the Sharks and the Jets, she is automatically biased. She sings a couple of lines about “A boy who kills, has no love” “A boy who kills, has no heart”, but what she excludes is that her own friends and their boys who are in their gang kill just the same amount. If her statements were true then they could not love and would have no heart either. It’s amazing how biased people can be and how they don’t see things both ways.

I rescued my cat from being put to sleep and even though I am allergic I love him. Lots of people say that cats don’t love their owners or that they have no heart and only care for themselves, but the reality is that my cat 100% loves and has a heart. He feels a ton of emotion, knows his name and comes when he’s called. He gives kisses and even likes to cuddle like a dog. Earlier tonight I was talking to the guy I have been dating and even though it is sort of over, he still made a couple of comments including one about the cat. It got me thinking of Romeo and Juliet romances where there is something blocking your ability to love each other and got me to think of the song A Boy Like That from West Side Story.

A Boy Like That from West Side Story is an amazing song. It is gorgeous, heartfelt and one that you can pull off very well if you like to be over dramatic and really belt out a couple of notes. Anyways, enough of me rambling about my cat and the guy I’m dating so here is A Boy Like That from West Side Story.