The Addams Family is Not a Family Friendly Show

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So I went with another Blogging friend of mine to see The Addams Family on Broadway and it was a fun show.  I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my favorites, neither would she, but at the same time it wasn’t horrible.  Jackie Hoffman was absolutely outstanding as Granny, Bebe Neuwirth made a good Morticia but Fester really stole the show.  One of the reasons we wanted to see the show was that she wanted to take her kids but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

She has an 11 year old and 13 year old and we did see a bunch of people who brought their kids to the show.  The problem is that there are a lot of very sexually oriented jokes in the show.  There is a scene where Lucas’s (Wednesday’s boyfriend) mom grabs herself and sings in a very inappropriate way and Jackie Hoffman swears a lot.  Because of that, The Addams Family Musical is not a family friendly show, especially not for younger kids.  For teenagers it could be ok, but I think they would be pretty bored.  For adults it is fun, but at the same, the show is sort of geared for kids.  I really don’t know who the proper audience is, but the show was a fun one to watch.  I don’t recommend it, unless you are a fan of one of the Actors, like Jackie Hoffman who is absolutely amazing, or just want something to do.  The tickets aren’t that expensive so it is an ok one to kill an afternoon with the matinee show. The one thing that was absolutely amazing about the show was the set.

The entire set of the Addams Family musical moves and changes as the show changes.  The set is absolutely amazing and extremely well done.  Although I didn’t get to see Nathan Lane perform in the show, I could easily picture him playing Gomez and absolutely making it work.  The songs from the show are alright.  I can easily see Pugsly’s torture song taking off at broadway karaoke nights and Wednesday’s One Normal Night is absolutely fun.  There are a few more songs in the Addams Family Musical that are fun to sing and most of them are actually kid friendly.  The problem is the swearing and all of the sex jokes that the cast tell and say.  If you’re ok with your kids being exposed to some very in your face swearing and sex jokes, then The Addams Family Musical is kid friendly for you.  For myself and my friend, this is one show that we would not recommend for little kids.

Overall I would give The Addams Family musical a 2 and a half star rating out of 5.  It isn’t one I would see again but it is one that has music that I will definitely be buying on iTunes.  The stage and set was amazing and the acting was phenomenal.  The problem is the script and the dancing and the swearing.  They just weren’t targeted to any audience in particular and really don’t mesh well.  It is a great show for you to see if all of the other ones are sold out or to expensive, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of shows to see in NYC.  If you’ve seen the Addams Family Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.

2 Responses to “The Addams Family is Not a Family Friendly Show”

  1. Lucas

    You are ridiculous and I can’t believe their could be anybody more ignorant than you. I’m 14 and I did pick up a couple of sex jokes here in there but the sex jokes kids that age don’t even understand, the sex jokes were made discrete on purpose so that adults and teenagers could only pick them up. To be honest the show was hilarious and entertaining. I agree with you, the set was amazing, extremely creative and well thought out. Music and singing was alright, only 2 or 3 songs that really hit me but there are plenty of other broadway shows with better music. I would say its friendly for all ages except for that one scene where lerch holds lucas’ mother’s breasts, but besides that, funny show for all ages, recommend it definitely.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      That is pretty rude of you to say, but hey, I’ll still approve the comment. My opinion is still that it is not family friendly because of that scene. My friend who is a mom that was with me also agreed. Everyone is allowed their own opinions which is why your comment isn’t being moderated, but at the same time parents should know that there are some adult oriented scenes in the show. It is definitely not for little kids.