Glee Original Songs Episode – Great Voices, Bad Music

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The original songs episode of Glee is on and it is amazing how much talent they have, but how bad some of the songs are. I know that Rachel Berry’s song was supposed to be cheezy (the only child one), and even though I hate Lea Michele, her voice was amazing but it couldn’t even pull this song off. Santana on the other hand was able to take a ridiculous song called Trouty Lips and use her voice to make it sultry and sort of sexy and absolutely attention getting. She never got to really show off until her and Mercedes sang River Deep Mountain High and now I am absolutely in love with her voice after hearing her sing Trouty Lips. She did amazing. So what do I think about the Original Songs episode of Glee, great voices, bad music.

There were a couple of fun songs mixed in like Mercedes singing Hell to the No, but that one would only be a hit beach dance remix for a summer, not an anthem that will last for years. Let’s be honest, you’ll hear it in Ptown, Rehoboth and other cities this summer, then after the drag queens kill it, it will go away. Kurt sang Blackbird and although it was emotional and he did an amazing job, something just didn’t make me want to cry during it. I actually didn’t feel any emotion which was weird. I just thought, wow, his voice has really begun to develop.

Puck sang a song called Big Ass Heart to his Big Ass Girlfriend and it was extremely fun. The problem is that if it doesn’t go viral fast, it’ll die off. Sue starts World War Sue and goes to war with Mr. Shoe and the rest of the Glee kids, but that Gives Kurt and Blaine enough time to put together a great duet. From this point on the show got good and the songs got better with Blaine singing Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

Rachel comes out to sing her original ballad and it was amazing. Not only can this song actually take off, but it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson just starting out. Rachel’s original song was absolutely amazing and one that I love. I highly recommend downloading it if you are ever depressed and just need a sad song to listen to. I still do not like Lea Michelle but her voice is amazing and she did a great job with the song.

The second song by the new directions was actually pretty fun. It is probably just a summer sing a long song if it lives that long, but it probably won’t last for to long. It was definitely fun and it came out at the perfect time with spring coming up in a couple weeks. Anyways, The New Directions won by singing original songs and Sue flipped out and punched out the announcer.

The episode was actually pretty good, just get through the first few songs and they get better as the show progresses. It’ll be interesting to see how Finn and Rachel end up and what other guest stars come back. The episode wasn’t the best but Kathy Griffin and a few people made their first appearance so it’ll be fun to see if they come back again. Let me know what you thought of tonight’s Glee episode. I’m going to go download a couple of the songs on iTunes.