Barbara Streisand Not To Star In Gypsy Remake

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So today I found out something that not only got me to scream, but I was super excited for a new remake of Gypsy.  Apparently Stephen Sondheim was going to do a remake of the hit show Gypsy starring the fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand.  Unfortunately today Stephen Sondheim and everyone announced that they will not be doing this remake and even though it would have been a perfect exit show for Barbara’s career, they won’t make it.  I cannot say how upset I am about this.  1.  Barbara should not be looking for an exit show and 2.  She would have been perfect for the role.

Mama Rose is a character that is demanding and needs to own a stage.  The only women who have ever been able to pull her off and do it well include Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters (She did an ok job but wasn’t the pushy mom type enough), Angela Lansbury and my personal favorite Mama Rose, Bette Midler from the original made for TV movie version, well not the original but the best movie version.  I think that Barbara Streisand would not only have been the perfect Mama Rose because she not only has an amazing presence, but she can belt a tune and also has amazing voice control.

Barbara knows how to take over a role, can throw her voice and definitely take the role to a new level by making us all remember our own moms.  Barbara knows what it was like breaking into theatre and I think that she can tie in her own life and memories to be able to bring out the most believable stage mom with the most drive and pull off this role easily.  The dancing is perfect for her and the singing about Chinese food is something we Jews do every Christmas anyways so the role is absolutely perfect for her.  When I heard that they not only canceled the remake of the movie, but Barbara Streisand was supposed to star in Gypsy, I think that all of theatre died a little bit today.  Unfortunately they canceled the remake of Gypsy starring Barbara Streisand but that also means that Barbara will have to find a new movie or show to leave the theatre with.  Hopefully that won’t come for another couple of decades.

Anyways, here’s Bette in Gypsy.