Shock Treatment from Shock Treatment

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So going along with my rant yesterday about the person who is driving everyone crazy at work and actually going crazy, literally, I remembered a show that I saw years ago called Shock Treatment. Shock Treatment the musical is the sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is the second story of Brad and Janet and takes place in a tv studio. The reason why the song Shock Treatment from Shock Treatment is perfect for today is that it is sort of all about getting someone to open their eyes up and realize that the person they are defending or showing off is completely insane. At the same time it could be that maybe the one person who sees reality is the one who is actually sane but the one that everyone is accusing of being insane.

You always have the remember that there are two sides to every story. In the issue I am having, for a change it isn’t me being a drama queen. There are numerous people going through these issues with the same exact person, but the people that matter in the company don’t see it because the person plays the corporate game way to well. It is a serious shame because the company is amazing and I really love working there. It is one bad hire who screws with everyone, treats everyone that this person doesn’t need like crap and is now lashing out almost violently that is ruining a great company and other people’s productivity so this person can feel better about them-self. I’m purposely not saying he or she as to keep everything anonymous, but the issue is pretty severe.

We have all worked with the trouble maker who plays games. The problem is what if that person is a bit unstable and goes from game playing to actually screaming and lashing out at people? That is what is happening and unfortunately the higher ups have turned a blind eye because this person can turn it on and off depending on who is around. It is really scary what this person is doing. It completely reminds me of the show Shock Treatment and the song Shock Treatment from Shock Treatment. Luckily for me I’m not the only person seeing this and going through it. Unfortunately for me I am the only one who will talk about it and bring it up. Everyone else is to scared. Hopefully it will get resolved and the higher ups will see what is going on. Until then it’ll just have to be a horrible situation for everyone who is being bullied. Anyways, if you know what that is like, you can probably relate to this post and to this song. Here’s Shock Treatment from the show Shock Treatment.