Forget You, Glee version. Because I’m pissed

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Sometimes you end up having to deal with people that are either impossible to work with, or just have to be right all the time or are just complete *ssholes. Unfortunately I have to deal with one of these people every day now and unfortunately there is no way around it since this person is friends with someone who is above me. The problem is that this person always has to be right, can never be wrong and is amazing at playing games. Not only does this person know exactly how to kiss an executive’s *ss perfectly, but this person is great at wearing a second face the minute someone he feels important is around.

Everyone hates the person at work who plays these games. They watch as they set up other people but they usually get away with murder. The most unfortunate part is that since they are always kissing the *sses of the higher ups, everyone else ends up being the bad guy and the person who is causing all of the problems ends up coming out on top. When I needed to vent about this person I was going to use the song Totally F*cked from Spring Awakening but if I used that song it starts out by saying that I was wrong and this person was right. Although I do have an ego and attitude, I am 100% not wrong in this case. Even though that song is perfect for getting rid of frustrations and fun to sing, Forget You from Ceelo Green and Glee is probably a better choice.

Instead of trying to get even and going to that person’s level, Forget You from Glee is sort of the same. It is basically saying I know you’re trash, everyone else knows your trash and if the company you work for or your boss wants to keep falling for it, then it’s their own faults. It’s amazing how people like this are allowed to exist let alone get away with everything on earth, and in this case instead of making a scene, I’m just going to say Forget You! This person is a complete *sshole and I really needed to vent so Forget You from Glee is the perfect song to help me say F you to this jerk without having to actually say it. I know you have all had to deal with jerks like this person, so when you deal with one of them, come back to this post and play this song again. Forget you from Glee is a perfect song to help you get over being pissed off and I hope that none of you have to deal with a jerk like the person I have to deal with right now. Anyways, here is Forget you from Glee.