Drag Queens, Prostitutes and Cowboys Ohh My!

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Drag Queens, Prostitutes and Cowboys, Ohh My! It can only mean one thing, the Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus is doing an all male version of the hit show The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The Washington Dc Gay Men’s Chorus does a broadway production each year. Not only are they amazingly talented, but they always put a few fun twists on their shows. I absolutely cannot wait to get to see them perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas next month. Last year the did Grease, only gayer. This year should be fun, as long as they have cleaned up the songs.

At their Christmas show they sang Hard Candy Christmas which is one of my favorite Christmas Showtunes and unfortunately probably shouldn’t have. It wasn’t that they were bad, it was that they couldn’t hit the harmonies and the solos were not acted and lacked any form of personality which is key to that song. Then again they probably didn’t really have enough time to rehearse it. I am certain that with the amount of talent they have and how well they put on their productions, they will have completely found a way to get everyone to act out the songs, use proper voice inflections and completely knock it out of the park.

The Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus always gets 5 stars from me and I love watching them perform. I cannot wait until they do The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas this March and you can find the details and come see them yourself at:

Gay Men’s Chorus Perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:
Lisner Auditorium – George Washington University
730 21st Street NW
Washington, DC

Friday, March 18 at 8 pm
Saturday, March 19 at 8 pm
Sunday, March 20 at 3 pm

This is a show that you definitely will not want to miss. The guys are hilarious and extremely talented and as their ad says, it gives a whole new meaning to The Chicken Ranch. I can only imagine the puns that they will add in for Miss Mona and the prostitutes. If you are going to see The Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, feel free to comment below or share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.