Why God from Miss Saigon

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Why God from Miss Saigon has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Not only is it an absolutely amazing and gorgeous song, but when you add in a hot guy with an amazing voice,,,and no shirt you have an amazing winning combination. The song is the guy singing about his love, why he can’t have it, what it means and a million other interpretations if you want to pretend to be a deep person. The reality is that he is in love and is asking god for advice and an answer as to why things can’t just be easy. It’s sort of like another one of my other favorite showtunes of all time which is last night on earth from Miss Saigon.

In the video below, the guy has a great voice and is an ok actor, but he isn’t as cute as some of the other characters you can find on youtube. He is definitely way above attractive and his body is incredible, but he is not as cute as the other guys you can find singing Why God from Miss Saigon. The problem with a million guys that are hot, can act and can sing their ass off is how to do you choose which one to put on your blog? I went with hot and has a great voice over seriously hot but can’t act and a great voice. Either way it is a win win show and performance, except for the end because the guy puts his shirt back on. They should have kept him topless for the show, except in last night on earth. The costuming is always perfect for that song.

Why God from Miss Saigon is an amazing song and if you haven’t heard it you have to watch the video below. Miss Saigon has some of the most amazing and beautiful music in theatre and is also one of the most wonderful love stories. It is a definite show to take your partner to if you want him or her to cry and get emotional. It’s a guaranteed your getting lucky tonight type of chick flick show. Why God is one of the most well known and loved songs from Miss Saigon. Feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.