Catch Me If You Can the Musical Reviewed

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One of the newest shows on broadway in 2011 is Catch Me If You Can the Musical. If you remember, Catch me if you can was a movie that I think had starred Matt Damon and Christopher Walken. I’m to lazy to check so we are going with what I think I remember lol. Either way both of them are amazing Actors so if it wasn’t them then they should have been cast. Anyways, Catch Me If You Can the Musical is one of the newest shows coming to broadway this season. I am personally sort of excited to see it because I am absolutely obsesses with some of the songs from the show. Especially the song in this post Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can the Musical.

Catch Me If You Can the musical is about a kid that pretends to be people he is not and has a Government Agent trying to track him down. He pretends to be everything from a Doctor to a Pilot and everything else. The funny part is that people believe him and he is still under 21 I think. The show has a ton of heartfelt moments like when the dad is singing to his son about having a checkbook but not having much money in his account. His dad is happy to have is son growing up, but the son sort of wants more. Catch Me If You Can the musical is one that I sort of do want to see.

It is definitely on my list of shows to get tickets for when I am in NYC, but there are also a ton of other shows that are coming back like How To Succeed In Business Without Ever Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliff and the fabulous Mr. Harvey Fierstein has decided to do La Cage Au Folles. There are a ton of amazing shows on broadway right now so if Catch Me If You Can has a matinee or has a sale at the TCKTs counter it will definitely outrank some of the other shows that i’d want to see at night. I haven’t seen it yet so I cannot give Catch Me If You Can the musical a star rating, but I can say that it is one I would probably go see if it is on a discount or there are seats at the Matinee. If you’ve seen Catch Me If You Can the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.