Avenue Q Reviews…Is Avenue Q Worth it?

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Avenue Q

Avenue Q

If there is one modern day show that I not only love because of its ability to make me laugh, but also because it is just plain hilarious for everyone…at least teenagers and up,,,,is Avenue Q.

Avenue Q is the story of a young man, well more of a Puppet or a Muppet, that really hits it home if you are just out of college, if you have kids who are in highschool and graduating or if you are or have college students that are about to or just graduated.

The show starts with a character looking for an apartment in a city styled like NYC, unfortunately he cannot afford much since he has just graduated college and has no skills and no one will hire him to teach him anything.  He works his way from the expensive areas like Avenue A, B, C and others and finally hits Avenue Q where it may not be classy, but the people are friendly and it turns out that Gary Coleman from TV’s Different Strokes is the resident manager.  Not only does the neighborhood welcome this new resident, but they decide to sing songs about different things relevant to them, their lives and their society.

They sing about not having a job even though they have a B.A. in English, about how their lives suck, about wanting jobs, how the internet was built for Porn, that there is a lot of things to do even though you don’t have a job and you may not have a lot of money as well as falling in love with each other and showing it by sharing a mix tape.

One of my favorite songs from the show Avenue  has to be the ballad song Mix Tape.  It is about falling in love and how a mixtape is a way to express your feelings for the other person by choosing songs that are relevant for that person and how you feel.  Sure the tape has a couple of oddball songs in it like Fat Bottom Girls, but overall I love the part where it says “I Have to Say I Love You in a Song”.  It was really sweet and they even say that.  It reminds me of when I was in and just graduated from college.  Then the main character asks the female Muppet Kate out on a date, and not to the strip club to see another Muppet Christmas Eve.

The show walks through a ton of social situations like coming out of the closet, searching for a job, feeling alone and depressed and even how to overcome some obstacles.  It shows that people really do care, if you know the right people they will go out of their way to help you when you need it and is a really fun show to watch and has a soundtrack you will  want to play for everyone and sing along to while you drive or even get ready for work in the morning.

Overall the show is fun, has a ton of jokes, a soundtrack that is great to listen to even if you haven’t seen the show and extremely entertaining.  It gives you everything you want from a show.

Drama, comedy, something to think about and remember and it even combines a very famous kids show that we all grew up to and mixes it with the show Rent.  I love Avenue Q and remember seeing cabs covered in faux Muppet fur in Las Vegas and I think in NYC promoting the show when it had first come out.

Avenue Q gets four out of five stars from me being original, funny and a great time out at the theatre.  Just to be clear, I know the story line isn’t extremely original and is just mixing a famous kids TV show with the musical Rent, but the way they did it and because of the catchy music and fun songs I will say that they added their own spin on the show and made it their own which makes it an original show.

I love Avenue Q and highly recommend seeing it.  However if you are taking small kids to the theatre and don’t want them around swear words, this show may not be for you.  Avenue Q gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and if you loved or hated the show, please feel free to share your opinions here.