What Makes a Broadway Diva a Diva?

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Everyone knows the term Diva, but not many people realized that Divas came from theatre. They were the singers that could belt the most, give the attitude and know they were amazing. Sort of like Prima Donnas with a ton of attitude. Although the term Diva is way over used now a days, there are a few Divas left on Broadway. The difference is that a Broadway Diva will not only stop a show to call someone out, but the audience won’t care either way. They know better than to get in the way of a true Diva.

You may call Liza, Madonna, Bette, Cher or even Kristin Chenoweth (from the Newsweek thing) a Diva, but this post is going to focus on two ladies that have an off my stage, it’s my crowd this is how it goes attitude and nobody is able to say any different. It is their way or no way and they get their way. They are the amazing Barbara Streisand on her 2006 tour and Patti Lupone playing Rose in Gypsy. Here are my two favorite broadway diva clips of these two leading ladies.

Barbara Streisand
telling someone in the audience to Shut the f*ck up. This was during her 2006 tour, which I got to go to in DC, and she did a skit about George W. Bush. There was a fan there who got offended by her skit, which really wasn’t poorly done or in bad taste, so when he wouldn’t stop talking she simply said, Will You Shut The F*ck Up. Not only can Barbara get away with saying the F word in a crowd of normally conservative people, but she can also get them to cheer her on for it. That is the mark of a true Diva. She then went on and finished her show like nothing happened.

Patti Lupone giving a real showstopping performance,,,,literally. This video is freaking amazing!

Patti made a great Rose in the show Gypsy. On one night in particular she took a show stopping performance and literally stopped the show. Any other Actress would be fired for something like this, but there is no firing Patti. Being able to stop a show mid song or mid show and then have it start back up again is something that only Patti could get away with. Here is one of my favorite Patti Lupone moments.

It takes more than talent to be a Diva. You have to not only have talent but the attitude and be able to work it so that you can stop a show and make it work. Barbara and Patti are two women that have more than exceeded Diva status and are my favorite Broadway Divas.