Cabaret – Two Ladies, A Show Ahead Of It’s Time.

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When I did the post about I Can Cook Too I was thinking about other shows that were way ahead of their times.  Cabaret is definitely one of those shows.  Not only was it in your face for the time period it was in, and went live on broadway, but it also dealt with a ton of taboo issues.  It had racism with the song about Jews.  The song don’t tell mama which is one of my favorites for karaoke and more importantly the scene where the main character finds out that her lover is also sleeping with her best friend who happens to be a guy.

Cabaret did an amazing job of bringing gay people into the main stream.  Although it was in your face and really kind of in a bad way, it showed that gay people are there and that it is ok to love them.  Then again, Cabaret also did their own spoofs on gays and polygomy (without the marriage) with their song Two Ladies.  I tried to get the Joel Grey version of this song but they are all blocked from sharing on Youtube so I am doing a cast showing instead of the movie.

Two ladies is about a guy who gets to live with two ladies.  Instead of doing it like three’s company, he’s actually sleeping with them.  For them it works and they try to make the song sound like it is ok.  Back when the show came out and even more important when it was supposed to be taking place, this would have been insane and unheard of.  Not only did it address gay guys and bi guys, but now you have two women and a man all sleeping together and not getting married…how horrible for old fashioned values.  Skip 50 years later to today and this isn’t necessarily as out of the ordinary.   It’s sort of funny how things that were made to shock people 50 years ago become passe now and we have to use other things like purely offensive songs and special effects to get an audience to react.  It’ll be fun to see what shows are like in another 50 years and what producers and actors will do to shock their audiences.  Anyways, here is Two Ladies from Cabaret.