I Can Cook To From On The Town

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We all know that the the 1950’s were a bit subtle with taboo topics like sex or being gay or interracial dating.   That is except in the theatre.  In the theatre people went crazy for it and no one blinked an eye.  Even Leonard Bernstein had a song in his show On The Town called and I Can Cook Too which was insanely full of innuendos and a bit in your face.

I can cook too from On The Town is a song that uses a ton of slurs for sex or parts.  The lady sings about her sugar being sweet, her seafood can’t be beat and her oven is the hottest one in town.  I honestly have to say that in the 50’s this could have been overlooked, but now that it is 50+ years later, it is sort of in your face innuendos but also an awesome song.  You can hear versions of I Can Cook Too in Jazz, Swing and even rock and roll, but the classic one is sort of a swing song and one of my favorites.

The lady that sings it in the show is dancing around and flirting with a guy dressed in a sailor suit.  She promised him food or something (I haven’t seen the show) and when we says “We’ll you said you can cook” she lights up and starts singing that She Can Cook Too.  The problem is that her kind of cooking isn’t the one that will fill his stomach’s appetite.  It is one that can fill another one,,,then again if he’s in a sailor suit and in a theatre she may not be able to fill that one either.  Sorry, had to go there lol.  Anyways, I can cook too from On The Town is an awesome song and extremely addictive.  It is a great one to add to your playlist if you are doing boring work, cleaning the house or just need something to drive to.  I am definitely downloading it to my work playlist.  If you’ve seen the show or just like the song, feel free to comment below or tweet this post out by clicking the green tweet button at the top of the post.  Thank you for reading and speaking of cooking, I need to start dinner.