Christine Pedi, We Love You!

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If you can’t tell I love driving home from work because I get to listen to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius XM Radio.  I’m usually not in my car on weekends or during the day though, but since DC got hit with an ice storm I went into work a little bit late.  On the drive in I usually have to listen to pre recorded shows of really bad and some good showtunes.  However because I was going in late I got the chance to hear Christine Pedi’s show without Seth (The Dueling Divas) and she completely kicked ass.

We all remember Christine from her Off Broadway Forbidden Broadway shows and we loved watching her spoof famous Broadway Stars.  Now if you get to listen to her during the day, you don’t get to watch her make fun of Liza on a barstool, but you do get to hear her selection of great broadway hits.  I love Seth’s choice in music and insane knowledge of Broadway, but Christine gets me to sing a long with showtunes about 5 times more than Seth.  Her choices were mainly mainstream but at the same time they were all fun.

She sort of played hit after hit and it was really fun.  I love that Seth plays things people may not have heard before, but combined with the flow of hits that Christine plays when she gets the choice of music, I would probably take Christine for my drive home.  Sing a long showtunes are awesome for sitting in traffic.  Now I know why Sirius gave the two of them a show together and why its called Dueling Divas.  Christine Pedi completely kicks ass!  When you combine her with Seth Rudetsky it is a great mix of knowledge and fun classic showtunes as well as modern day hits and sing a longs.  If you get a chance to turn Christine Pedi’s show on during the day, it’ll help you get through your work and probably make you sing a long.

Thank you for making our drives a million times better in the mornings Christine and for Seth’s show on the drive home at night.


2 Responses to “Christine Pedi, We Love You!”

  1. Christine Pedi

    You made my day!
    Check out my silly Lady Gaga parody of TELEPHONE on Youtube
    Pedi Lady Gaga Liza (any combination of those words will get you to the video)
    Really so nice of you to post your thought about my show.
    Very kind.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for coming and commenting. Your show is great and we all love hearing it. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll go check out your video in a little bit. =0)