Hairspray Reviewed…Is it worth it?

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Happy April Fools Day Broadway Reviewed Fans!  Although I’m not going to play a joke or start a rumor like Broadway was attacked by a 40 foot Bea Arthur looking for her Bossom Buddy, since they change it from Lucy to everyone else on her, but I am going to review one of my favorite pick me up shows that is still live on Broadway and I think touring the Country and at the West End Theatre in London England, Hairspray.

Not only is Hairspray the perfect show to review for April Fools Day since it is all about jokes, gags, making fun of each other and playing tricks on everyone, but it is also full of illusions by having Drag Queens play a main character, hairspray bottles that people pop out of and that shoot confetti cannons at you and even the main Character Tracy Turnblad lives with her family above her Dad’s Joke shop in Baltimore Maryland.  This is the perfect show to review for April Fools Day.

The show starts out with Tracy waking up in the morning and going into one of the most popular Hairspray Karaoke songs, Good Morning Baltimore.  Tracy is a bigger than life, both weight and dreams, loveable teenager growing up in the racist and not fat friendly city of Baltimore in the 1950’s.  Tracy decides to take on the world (Amber and her mother the TV Station Manager) to not only end her own hunger, but end racism and destroy the hate against fat people with her high school crush Link, her best friend Penny Pingleton, her Mom Edna (made famous by the Drag Queen Divine), Miss Motormouth Maybelle and an entire cast of fun loving and funny characters.

Tracy and her best friend Penny Pingleton are obsessed with a dance show called the Corney Collins Shows which is a local channel in Baltimore Maryland.  While watching the show, the Host Corney Collins announces that they will be holding auditions to replace a pregnant dancer on the show.  He encourages everyone to cut class early and head down to the station to audition.  Tracy and Penny couldn’t resist so they cut class and went to the station to audition.

At the station Tracy gets her first “taste” of reality when everyone in the studio, but Link, makes fun of her for being fat and she watches a girl get declined because she was black.  From that point on Tracy makes it her life’s work (while she is young and not hungry) to fight racism and discrimination because you are overweight.

The show takes a million interesting turns and has some of the most high energy, fun and funny songs out of any show.  The comedy also rivals Avenue Q a bit (The first time you see it).  Hairspray is a high energy fun loving, colorful and larger than life show that I love and highly recommend.  It isn’t deep at all but it isn’t supposed to be. Hairspray gets 4 out of 5 stars from me because not only did I leave the theatre singing the songs and buying the soundtrack, I wanted to go back and see it again and again.  I also encouraged all of my friends and family to get tickets as well.  Hairspray is a great show and I highly recommend it.

A brief background of Hairspray:

Hairspray started off as a movie by John Waters (a local independent film producer from Baltimore Maryland).  He created the movie which starred celebrities like Ricki Lake and Divine.  The movie took off and was loved by thousands and probably millions of people.

Later they took the movie and made it into a stage show (The current Musical Hairspray), however they did tone it down a little bit, change the original songs and make it a little bit more modern.  Then because the show took off so well, they turned the stage show back into another Movie.  Again they toned it down to make it more family friendly, but then again, sometimes they have to to make it more likable for the non theatre crowd.  Hairspray became a phenomenon and has been featured on a ton of shows including one of my favorites, The Ace of Cakes when they designed the movie premier cake, The Macy’s Day Parade where the cast performed and a ton of other shows.  Hairspray is a must see show that you cannot miss.