And Women Wonder Why Men On Broadway Are Gay.

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(Before you read this post, I just really wanted a reason to play man hating songs before Valentine’s day, bitter much?) Tons of gay men on broadway always hear women asking why all the good guys have to be gay.  I’m not saying every guy on broadway is gay, but there are definitely a lot of gay guys in theatre.  The funny thing is that maybe it isn’t the guys on broadway that are gay, maybe we are gay just because the women of broadway are a bit crazy.  (Ok I am setting this up and probably offending a few people but not meaning to).

If you have ever wondered why so many men on broadway are gay, I blame it on the female counterparts in the actual shows.  Seriously, some of them are crazy enough to drive men away, make them not want to date or even feel intimidated enough to want to run away.  Women in shows can be some of the most powerful and scary around which may be the cause of some men turning to other men.  Here are the top anti men songs sung by women in broadway shows.  They could be enough to make any guy want to go gay…and if they are 5’8 to 6’0 with brown hair and blue or green eyes, send them to my house lol.

I hate men from Kiss Me Kate.  Hunny I do to!  I was going to save this for a valentine’s day post but after hearing it on XM radio today.  Hey if you flat out say I hate men and then create an entire song about it, do you really expect men to want to flock to you.  Unfortunately in her case that is exactly what is happening.  It’s a fun song and one that I think every single lady and gay grrl on broadway loves to sing for Valentine’s Day.

Carol Channing singing Men from Lorelei.  So this video isn’t actually Carol Channing on stage but it is her singing her version of Men.  This character is enough to drive any man away.  Someone who hates men so much but thinks that she did everything right by letting him buy her nice things obviously doesn’t understand what most men consider a relationship.  Running into this character is enough to drive any straight man gay, unless you are used to the NY dating scene lol.  Here is a drag queen performing Carol Channing’s Men from Lorelei.

Annie Get Your Gun, Anything you can do I can do better.  I’m all for Women’s Lib and women in power.  Hey, women can do just as good of a job as men at many things.  They are also much better than men at others.  The only problem is that some men aren’t attracted to women that can overpower them.  They could feel intimidated by them and sometimes it could cause them to not want to date or marry them.  Look at the stepford wives for a prime example.  Although you can’t always get a man with a gun is a great option, Anything you can do I can do better from Annie Get Your Gun is the perfect way to show how to chase a weaker guy away.  It doesn’t mean that you should try to be any less, it just means you have scared away the weaker part of the male race.  Then again I don’t think anyone as amazing as Annie Oakley could settle for a weaker guy. BTW, look at the guy queen out on stage…then again I would to if I had to compete against someone with such an amazing voice!

Chicago Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming).  Hey, if you have a death wish then these lovely ladies are the perfect ones for you.  If watching gorgeous girls run around in lingerie on stage isn’t enough, when you see how they rope in their men and finish them off, its no wonder why so many men push away from their girlfriends during this song.  One of my favorite songs from Chicago, Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming) is a crowd pleaser with amazing choreography and funny lyrics.  This song is a sure fire way to chase a man away if its what you sing on your first date.

Thoroughly Modern Millie Gimme Gimme.  Listen here Sutton, it’s not all about you!  Relationships are about a two way street and if Millie doesn’t realize that it is about giving to the guy to, she may end up scaring all of the good ones away.  This is one of my favorite songs on Broadway and Sutton does an amazing job singing it.  I love the part about fat boy’s famous arrow.  Here is Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

South Pacific, Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair.  Singing Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair is not a good way to pick up a guy.  It makes you sound vengeful and bitter.   You are also probably attracting the wrong type of guy if he is hearing or watching you while you are singing it with a ton of different women while in the shower.  This is one of my favorite songs from the show and the show is currently on tour.  You can find out when it is in your city by checking out the cast website for South Pacific.

I just really wanted a reason to get to post about hating men, not bitter at all, before Valentine’s day. If you have a favorite man hating song or one that could turn a straight man gay, feel free to leave a comment with it below.