Two inspirational broadway songs to pick you back up.

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I know my last post about sad ballads and lovers who cannot find or be with each other was a bit down so I wanted to post two broadway songs which I think are perfect for bringing your spirits back up and inspiring you.   These two inspirational broadway songs are ones that aren’t the most well known but when you hear them I think that you will fall in love with them.  Not only are they great to listen to when you’re feeling down, but when you are on your way to work, these two inspirational broadway songs are ones that can make you go in feeling confident and ready to kick some ass.  The first song is from the show Anyone Can Whistle.

Most people only know the song Anyone Can Whistle from Anyone Can Whistle because of the amazing job Bernadette Peters did singing it.  The fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand also did a cover I think.  There is another song in the show called Everbody Says Don’t.

Everybody Says Don’t is a song about saying screw those people who doubt you or say you cannot do something.  It is about pushing through the limits and proving you are right.  I am currently having one of those moments and even though I will probably end up not pushing and fighting to the top, mainly because I don’t care enough, I will make sure I have made an impression and shown that I am the best.  The reality is that you don’t have to be on top, as long as you can prove you are the best, you can do it better and that you gave it your all then you should be proud of yourself.  That is why I love this song.  There are a million versions of it and a million people who have sung it.  Instead of showing you one of the videos, here is the song from the soundtrack.

The other song I wanted to share is from a show called Title of Show.  It is about a few people who realize that their show may not take off or be the best, but as long as a few people love it that is all that matters.  Nine people’s favorite from Title of Show starts out sort of stupid and makes you want to turn off the music, but wait for the end as it does become one of those cheesy fun and inspirational songs.  It shows you that if you love something that you are doing and can even have one other person enjoy it than that is all that matters.  Nine people’s favorite from Title of Show is an ok song as far as songs go, but a great one if you need inspiration.