Seth Macfarlane, A Big Old Broad for Broadway

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One person that I don’t think gets any credit for his tributes to Broadway is Seth Macfarlane.  Most people would know him as the guy who created Family Guy and American Dad.  Not only did he create those shows, but the extremely popular Family Guy series features a broadway reference in almost every single episode.  In fact, some episodes are almost entirely based off of broadway shows or plays.

You have Stewie Griffing making a bet with Brian that he can teach this Bristish Whiney Girl how to be a lady.  The entire story line follows My Fair Lady exactly,,,well except for Stewie changing the Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plane to The Life of the Wife is Ended by the Knife.  You have Louis Griffin trying to make a road trip better by singing Anything Goes from Anything Goes or even Funny Girl’s Don’t Rain on My Parade while performing in her husbands basement piano bar.  You have a creepy old man singing songs from Little Shop of Horrors to Chris Griffin and you have Peter Griffin singing Shapoopie from The Music Man while wearing a Patriots uniform and getting the entire football stadium to join in. Peter gets kicked out of a West Side Story rehearsal for not having enough dance lessons and you also see references and scenes with an HMS Pinafore skit.  Peter drives his car onto a stage and kills Cats…already a dead show and you ever see window cards for shows like Wicked pop up.  Seth Macfarlane has helped to reintroduce Broadway back to main stream America which is why I wanted to do a post thanking him for his contribution to bringing Broadway back to the main stream media.

Either Seth or his writers love Broadway because the Family Guy is full of fabulous and fun Broadway references.  Watch the show and watch for when they make a quick reference or two in almost every episode.  Watch the background and look at the posters for window cards and Broadway posters and also listen to the background music for actual Broadway songs.  The Family Guy has a ton of Broadway references in it and people are falling in love with musical theatre again thanks to The Family Guy and Seth Macfarlane.  Thank you Seth for bringing broadway back to America and main stream tv.