Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.

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So I have been kind of depressed lately.  The holidays always sort of do that to me for some reason.  I know I shouldn’t be because I have my health, I have friends and I have a family who loves me.  I have a job and have a cat….which I am allergic to but do love as well.  I guess its that I still don’t want a relationship but at the same time don’t want to be alone.  I don’t know why I refuse to actually start dating when I really want to fall in love.  Its kind of funny how people do that.  For some reason I was singing and thought of a song that I heard the other night called Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.

Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos is a song where you have a gay couple and the one is dying of AIDS.  They are on a bed together and playing cards and the one is trying to cope and deal, the other one who is dying of AIDS is reminding his lover that he is not dead yet and that his lover should go home and rest.  Falsettos took place when AIDS was new and no one knew what it was.  They knew that it was attacking people, mainly gay men, and so it was an even scarier disease.  The song Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos always ends up making me cry and getting teary so I wanted to play it tonight and share it with all of you.  I think the reason I had been thinking of the song Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos is because of a nasty thing I found out in the Huffington Post about the Susan G Komen foundation (I did one of their 60 mile 3 day walks and now regret that I did it when there are other more deserving charities out there).

According to the article the Susan G Komen foundation is using donors money to sue other organizations for using the term for the Cure or something in their messaging.  Not only is that a waste of money but also offensive to people like me who fundraised thousands of dollars for them and walked 60 miles in 3 days for breast cancer.  If any of my money went to the over paid employees and law firms who are suing everyone I think they should be shut down and all of their donations be made to what I consider legit breast cancer foundations that will dedicate it to finding a cure, not suing other people.  Not only was I disgusted by this, but if I would have known how irresponsibly the Susan G Komen foundation was squandering funds I would have continued to raise money for charities like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS which is one that I believe in.

AIDS is still an issue and one that it seems like is getting pushed aside by horrible organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation.  I highly encourage you to never donate to them again and instead find a breast cancer foundation that doesn’t go around suing everyone else.  Or you can donate to an organization like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.

Anyways, here is Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.