What happens when the cast of Spring Awakening Auditions for Grease?

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When new shows hit broadway and take off they like to do cross promotions and charity events where the show combines with an older show.  Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof made a perfect match with Avenue Jew.  Unfortunately you don’t always get a good combination for shows by combining them, even when they have similar topics.   Take Spring Awakening and Grease.

In the intro to the video where the original cast of Spring Awakening auditions for Grease, they even mention a few of the similarities, they try to show why they are similar but the producers are in for a bit of a shock by today’s youth.  Both shows are about teen problems.  They go into pregnancy, abuse, sex, parents who ignore their kids or don’t pay attention, dropping out of school and bullying by teachers as well as drugs and real life issues.  The biggest difference though is that today’s kids seem to be a lot more dramatic (even if it takes place almost a hundred years ago and in another country).  Spring Awakening for examples gets pretty graphic while in Grease they keep their clothes on.

Today’s kids go for the drama while the kids in Grease never actually fight or address an issue.  In Grease they make fun of each other but they also stick together like a team.  In Spring Awakening they try but end up not being able to help each other out as they are to afraid to do anything or stand up to their parents, with the exception of one character.  Even though the shows have similarities in that they are about teenage issues and drama, they are completely different in that one is for fun and one is about serious issues and leaves you in shock.

You have the hand jive in both, but they mean different things.  You have pregnancy in both but one of them results in death.  You have a school dropout in one and she goes back to high school.  You have someone who didn’t drop out but was forced into failing without knowing it and ended up killing himself.  You have gays making out and falling in love in one.  You have a bunch of guys fixing each other’s hair and showing off their asses to the other in the other.  They both have the same issues but when you try to mix today’s shows and youth with the teens from a few decades ago there is a huge difference.

Although the two shows probably shouldn’t be combined, it does make for a funny video.  Here is the cast of Spring Awakening auditioning for Grease.