The Cast of Hairspray Sing Dreidel Driedel Driedel

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So I was driving home listening to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius XM as always when he played the Cast of Hairspray singing the Dreidel song.  Not only did the Cast of Hairspray singing the dreidel song sound really familiar, but I could have sworn I had heard it somewhere else before.  When I got home I went onto Youtube and sure enough I found out where I had heard it before, on South Park!

The difference between the South Park characters singing the dreidel song and the cast of Hairspray singing the driedel song is that the cast of Hairspray sounds amazing singing the South Park version.  Not only do they break out into perfect harmony, but when you combine people like Harvey Fierstein into the song it just becomes even more amazing.  I still don’t know who I prefer singing the offensive part, Harvey Fierstein or Eric Cartmen, but from a fellow Jew it is much less offensive since Cartmen is actually being serious with the negative comments.

Before you leave any negative comments or say that I am anti Judaism, I am a Jew and I love being Jewish.  This song is hilarious and for some reason the person who put it on youtube actually tried to match it to disney movies.  Certain parts match up well but most of it doesn’t.  Regardless, the Cast of Hairspray singing the Dreidel Song to Disney Movies is absolutely hilarious and perfect for Hanukah.  There are other versions of the song to other Disney clips available on Youtube and if you’d like to buy the cd with this song and others, I highly recommend visiting Broadway Cares which is the Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS website.  They are a great organization and have a million fabulous broadway gifts for Christmas and Hanukah.  BTW, if anyone is reading this and wants to buy me a gift, the Broadway Cares Christmas CD with the Cast of Hairspray sing the Dreidel song would make a perfect gift.  Here is the video of the Cast of Hairspray sings the Dreidel song.  Feel free to leave a comment below and visit the Broadway Cares website for your holiday shopping and to help donate to a charity that helps to find a cure for AIDS.