Welcome to Avenue Jew – Happy Hanukah

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I don’t think there are any words to describe how excited I am to get to share one of my favorite spoofs with you.  Not only did I have to wait until Hanukah, the high holidays are a little inappropriate, to share this video, but I actually stopped myself from watching it until tonight.   Not only is it the perfect song to celebrate Hanukah on Broadway with but it is absolutely amazingly done as well.   It is Avenue Jew.

Have you ever wondered what you would get if two broadway shows had a baby.  Sure we know Stephen Sondheim spawned Sondheim on Sondheim but what about two completely unrelated shows like one about oppression and bigotry with one about porn and swearing puppets who have sex and promote porn.  It doesn’t sound like they would ever be able to match but with the power of Broadway the two had a baby and what you get is a show called Avenue Jew.

Avenue Jew is the cross of the casts of Avenue Q with characters and parts of the cast of Fiddler On the Roof.  Not only do you get to watch Trekkie Monster play a fiddle instead of a keyboard with porn, but you get to watch your other favorite characters portay different Fiddler stars.  If only Kate Monster had a Matchmaker to find her a boyfriend, ohh wait she does.  Avenue Jew is not only amazingly well done, but the characters and casts and song mashups are absolutely incredible.  I don’t think you can really describe it well enough without watching it so as we celebrate the second night of Hanukah I’d like to share one of my very favorite hanukah broadway showtunes, Avenue Jew.  Feel free to share it with your friends on Twitter by clicking on the green tweet or retweet button at the top of the post and also feel free to leave a comment below.   Here is one of my favorite broadway hanukah showtunes, Avenue Jew.  Happy Hanukah everyone!  My Mom is probably saying Oy Vey right now as I am watching the Avenue Jew video and laughing lol.  Happy Hanukah everyone!