Glee Casting Call Video Auditions Via MySpace

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Ok, If you have been a broadway fan and love your showtunes, you also love 80’s music, broadway and pop stars and remixes, then you have probably fallen in love with the TV show on Fox Glee.  Not only has Glee taken this country by storm, but they partnered with sites like and mention a ton of really cool and modern things which is something we wouldn’t expect from FOX.

When I came across this video from a Tweet on Twitter I had to share it with all of you.  Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shoester on the Show) has a video live on asking people to submit their own audition video to be part of the Season 2 cast on Glee.  This is perfect and completely ties into Rachel’s character who posts her own version of a Vlog (Video Blog) on the show.

I am hooked on Glee and cannot wait for all of the leaked shows like Neil Patrick Harris vs. Mr. Shoe (This is a rumored show where Neil Patrick Harris was Mr. Shoes Glee Rival and it shows how they competed and now Neil Patrick Harris is back.  Like I said this is just a rumor for now.), the Madonna Episode and more.

If you’re a fan of the show and want to try to audition, I’m not sure how much longer you have to submit your video, but I highly recommend you do it because who knows if you have a chance or not to actually make it onto the show.  If you do make it onto the show, come back here and share with us how it went.  Also, please feel free to leave comments here if you are excited as well and feel free to post a link to your audition video.  Showtunes are highly encouraged by but may not be by the Glee producers.

Glee Open Casting Call Video with Matthew Morrison

Glee Auditions | MySpace Video

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