Happy Hanukah – To The Biggest Jew, Ms. Barbara Streisand

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If there is one Broadway star and celebrity that I don’t ever actually need to do an introduction or biography for it has to be the one and the only Barbara Streisand.  Not only does she have fans in every age range and gender, but she has drag queens, middle aged women and everyone else in the world as fans.  Barbara Streisand is probably one of the only people in the world who could just show up on a set and automatically be cast.  Look at when she showed up on Saturday Night Live with Mike Meyer’s playing Linda Richmond.  She can do a tour and have it sell out in every city in minutes and she can sing a song and have it go platinum in even less time.  If there is a true Broadway celebrity that has become an American Icon it has to be Barbara Streisand.

Almost everyone recognizes her face and her voice.  Everyone recognizes her name and no matter what she does, even when she doesn’t actually do it like the episode of South Park where she destroyed the city, turns into gold.  Barbara Streisand has an amazing talent for making things succeed.  This girl from NYC who was singing in a lounge and eating leftover bar food like London Broil ended up becoming one of the most well known and most loved American Icons of all time. Barbara not only has success and fame but she also hasn’t lost touch with who she is.

She regularly participates in charity events or voices her opinions publicly.  She supports the causes she believes in and stands up for what she feels is right.  During her concert and tour in 2006 she even tried to play the piano.  When she ended up not being able to get the song right in DC, she not only admitted failure but she laughed it off and showed that she is human.  Not only does it take an amazing person to give it a shot and not let failing phase them, but to have it motivate them to do it better and to keep going takes a hell of a lot of strength and will power.  Barbara Streisand is an amazing person and woman so I wanted to do my first Hanukah post to one of my all time favorite icons and heroes, Ms. Barbara Streisand.  We Love You!  Happy Hanukah Barbara,,,,and to my family as well.