The Fastest Songs on Broadway.

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So I was listening to XM radio this morning and heard a song that was extremely fast.  The funny thing about fast songs is that they don’t have to be good to make you want to sing along with them.  Fast songs just have to have a catchy tune that speeds up and challenges you to sing along.  People love funny songs that not only rhyme but also speed up and make you want to try and learn them.

When I was listening to the radio and one of these songs came on I started to think of a few showtunes that not only speed up but cause people to try and sing along by either throwing in words that rhyme or a pace that speeds up.  These songs become some of the most memorable ones from the shows because they are used to not only lighten the mood of the show but also to get people to smile.  Because they create a happy emotion, people tend to like them the most and these are the songs that cause audiences to fall in love with the characters that normally wouldn’t be the stars of the show.  The character that gets to sing these songs usually also gets the first standing ovation during the ending bows at the end of the show.  Here are a few of my favorite showtunes that not only rhyme or get an audience to try and sing along, but they are also some of the most fun to learn and sing along to.

Therapy from Tick Tick Boom.  Therapy starts out nice and slow and starts to speed up.  By the end the audience is usually sitting in shock or getting their tounges twisted by trying to keep up with the characters.  Not only is it a fun song to watch the characters sing, but it is one that people love to learn and sing along to as well.

This next song is called If it Didn’t go Fast from Zanna Don’t.  Just like the name of the song this one starts out slow and starts to speed up.  Not only does it have a tune that gets stuck in your head but it makes you want to play it over and over until you are able to try and sing along without messing up the words.  Although the song wasn’t one of the famous ones from the show, it is definitely an audience favorite.

The last song and probably the fastest song on Broadway has to be I am the Model of Modern Major General from the Pirates of Penzance.  Not only is this song almost impossible to keep up with but TV shows, movies and cabaret shows have used it to get audiences to liven up for years.  Anyone who can sing this song and perform it well will not only win my respect, but I encourage you to shoot a video of yourself singing it and I might post it on this blog.

If you have a favorite fast song or showtune, feel free to leave a comment and include a link to it below.