Broadway Christmas Showtunes and Shows

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Lastnight I think I was shocked because for the very first time since I have become a fan, the fabulous Mr. Seth Rudetsky missed a broadway trivia or moment.  Now, if you haven’t heard of Mr. Seth Rudetsky, he is an extremely popular host on the broadway station on XM Satellite radio and a personal favorite host.  Not only is he funny and amazing, but he is also an encyclopedia of broadway trivia and knowledge.  If anyone ever has a broadway question, Seth can not only answer it, but he can also then probably name everyone who ever played the role or who wrote the score or the best performance and by who around the world.  Seth Rudetsky is absolutely amazing and probably my very favorite broadway host on XM Satellite radio.   Because of his amazing knowledge, and the fact that he is an awesome host, I was shocked when last night he said that there really aren’t any Christmas shows or songs on broadway except for Turkey Lurkey Time and the song he played from Mame.  The thing is that there are not only a ton of Christmas themed showtunes, both from and not from Broadway, but he missed a few of the obvious ones.  Maybe he was just having a bad day or wasn’t thinking right but I was shocked so Seth, if you find this, here are a few of my favorite Christmas showtunes and if for some reason you do find this post………………….We love you here at Broadway reviewed.  Keep up the amazing work!

Top Broadway Christmas Shows and Top Broadway Christmas Showtunes and Songs.

1.  Turkey Lurkey Time.  Not only is this currently running on broadway in the show Promises Promises but it is also on my playlist in my iPhone.

2.  We need a little christmas.  We need a little Christmas is one of the most famous songs from Mame, next to Mame, Open a new window and Bosom Buddies of course.   This was the one song that Seth Rudetsky thought of for Christmas, the next one was my second song.

3.  Hard Candy Christmas.  Hard Candy Christmas is from the broadway show The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  This show was turned into a movie which starred Dolly Parton and then Rupaul actually took the song Hard Candy Christmas and put it on her Christmas album called Ho Ho Ho.  This is an all time favorite christmas broadway show and showtune.  (I cannot believe Seth didn’t think of this one when looking for Broadway Christmas Showtunes.)

4.  Be a Santa.  This song is from an unknown show called Subways are Sleeping.

5.  I Don’t Remember Christmas.  This Christmas Broadway Showtune is from the somewhat hit show Starting Here Starting Now.

6.  Christmas Eve.  This is a song from the show She Loves Me.

7.  White Christmas.  Ok this really isn’t a Christmas showtune but it is an actual show written by Irving Berlin.

8.  You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.  How can anyone forget that loveable and hateable character, the Grinch.  The Grinch and You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch was also actually turned into a show for a short while.

9.  Christmas Bells.  How can anyone forget the high pitched voice singins “Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas bells are ringing.  Somewhere else, not here.”  From Rent.

10.  I’m going to leave ten blank.  I cannot decide if I should put in Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas or try to put in a Movie Musical like The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Because I am leaving this blank, I actually encourage you to leave a comment below with your favorite Broadway Christmas Showtune.

Seth, if you find this, we absolutely love you here and wanted to say thank you for all of your amazing shows and interviews.  Without people like you Broadway would be a dying breed.  Thank you for all you do and have done and all of your amazing shows.

4 Responses to “Broadway Christmas Showtunes and Shows”

  1. Jim Combs

    I was wondering what show or movie the song CHRISTMAS CHILD is from. It is not a pop sounding song but a very beautiful one.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      There was a movie in 2003 called Christmas Child but I am not sure what song you are talking about. Do you have a link to what the tune is or can you type in verse or two?

  2. Cary Palmer

    I am TRYING to put together a 110th Gala Christmas Spectacular for the Bury St.Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (Bury St.Eds, UK), and having the Same problem… I want ONLY Christmas Showtunes, and preferably something from the 110 years of the Society’s existence…. did Mame, and Whorehouse (I directed it in 2004), Had Meet Me in St Louis on a Short List once (so Have Yourself… is in), I suggested She Loves Me for the Last show selection, so I will look up Christmas Eve, and we Must just have White Christmas (just because…and I WILL get it to snow On-stage!), But YOU missed a good one! Annie : New Deal for Christmas!!
    ARE there any others?!?!
    Luckily, I have got them to agree that Other parts of the show will be stuff from Other shows.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      I can’t believe I forgot Annie in our Christmas showtunes and broadway songs list. Thank you for the comment. You’re show sounds awesome. I would love to have you post a video from it and review if you would like it. Let me know. =0)