Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises Promises

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I can’t believe Halloween is over and thanksgiving is around the corner. Not only do I love Thanksgiving because I am a complete foodie…Turkeys don’t work in my house, its usually a small Turkey with other foods that are not traditional like a Mediterranean stuffed chicken breast with friend sweet potatoe and butternut squash chips with a marshmallow dip instead of yams with marshmallows, or lobsters and crab stuffed Cajun mini red potatoes. Thanksgiving takes a weird turn with the traditional food in my house but at the same time we do have a few regular traditions like we all get together and talk about what we are thankful for and being happy that we all have each other.

The reality is that thanksgiving is about being with your friends and family or the people you love. It is about enjoying the evening with them and if you like to eat then stuffing yourself full of food so you can freak out when it is spring time and you’ve put on a ton of winter weight. When thinking about what song matches Thanksgiving for me and how thanksgiving is kind of off beat since I don’t do the normal foods I wanted to take a song about Turkey but not about Turkey and that can be about Thanksgiving but doesn’t actually show up in the show with Thanksgiving and the perfect song for this has to be Burt Bacharach’s Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises Promises. (Ok, technically it is all about Christmas but I’m going to ignore that lol).

Promises Promises which is currently starring Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes ended up surprising me when I went to see it in NYC this past summer. Not only did I fall in love with the music like the song Turkey Lurkey time from Promises Promises but it was a million times better than the movie live. The choreography was different and twenty million times better, the songs are still cheesey but also are more enjoyable and the dancing combined with songs like Turkey Lurkey Time and seeing it performed live made it like an entirely different show. Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises Promises is an awesome song and even though they sing it at the company’s Christmas Party Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises Promises can easily be a Thanksgiving showtune as well.