The Addams Family Musical – Happy Halloween

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I can’t believe that Halloween is next week.  Tonight is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Episode of Glee and the annual Washington DC High Heel Drag Race.  This weekend is the Miss Adams Morgan Drag Queen Beauty Pageant and with halloween comes halloween movies, tv shows and more importantly theatre.  I already reviewed the Rocky Horror Picture Show but another show that has taken roots on Broadway which not only screams Halloween but is Halloween year round is The Addams Family Musical starring three of my very favorite Broadway Stars, Nathan Lane, Jackie Hoffman and Bebe Neuwirth.

The Addams Family Musical is a show that not only perfectly represents one of the most loved and memorable families in TV history, but when you combine some amazing set designs, costuming and some incredible talents, you get a show that no one on earth can possibly resist.  You have Gomez who loves to romance his wife Morticia.  You have Fester Addams who is a ladies man, the only problem is that regular non Addams Family Musical ladies haven’t realized it yet.  You have the kids Wednesday and Pugsly and one of my favorites Granny Addams.  They even remembered to include Lurch and other secondary Addams Family characters in the cast.

The Addams Family Musical takes you on a journey into a new world with a love of death and everything dark where graveyards become playgrounds and poison becomes a seasoning for food like salt or pepper.  Electric chairs can double as recliners and torture devices become play toys.  The Addams Family Musical brings you into the world of the Addams Family and helps you to rediscover why so many generations have fallen in love with this strange and fabulous family of fun loving friends.  The Addams Family Musical is perfect for Halloween but even if you are in NYC for the spring, the Addams Family Musical is still a perfect show for you to see.

You’ll discover an entirely new selection of music, singing and dancing and you’ll also get to watch your favorite Addams Family members come to life on stage.  The Addams Family Musical is one of the top selling shows on Broadway right now and one that I highly recommend.  I am hoping to get to see it on my next trip to New York since I have only seen small bits and pieces when they did a mini performance at Sidetracks in Chicago for Showtunes Night when the cast was there.  If you have seen the Addams Family Musical in New York City, feel free to leave a comment below with how you loved it or hated it.