Tick Tick Boom – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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So I was watching a video clip on gay bullying last night and it actually got me to start to cry.   Not only has there been a huge uprising in gay bullying, but there are people out there making it seem like gay  bullying and gay teen suicide which is also on a huge rise is a good thing.  They are saying toughen up and that mainstream media shouldn’t be making a big deal out of it which is something that I 100% disagree with.  I was reading this article on gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide and thought that it is something that is not only worth mentioning but also including in a post here on BroadwayReviewed.com.  It also got me to remember one of my favorite showtunes, Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom.

Broadway is the home to many gay people and a ton of talented young men and women who aspire to share their talents with the world.  They can sing, write, dance, act, play a character and take audiences to another time or even another world and to lose even one straight or gay person to bullying is absolutely unacceptable.  Think of all the talented people we lose every year to diseases like Breast Cancer, AIDS, Drugs and everything else.  For someone who could grow up to entertain millions of people, who could be the person who cures any of the diseases above or even someone who can make one person smile when they are down to take their own life because they were being bullied for being gay.

There was this absolutely horrible person I got into a fight on facebook with because in my opinion he was supporting gay teen bullying and justifying gay teen suicide and saying that people shouldn’t be making a big deal about it because they want to push their beliefs on others, I almost lost it.  Instead I said that I’ll be watching him from heaven, and yes Cher will be there when he goes to hell because in reality Christianity is about loving one another and not spreading hate and hurting others.  Anyways, that whole back and forth fight made me remember a song from the Broadway Musical Tick Tick Boom by Jonathan Larson.

Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is not only an amazing song but I think it is the perfect song for people who have grown up and gone through wanting to commit suicide because of being gay bullied or because they know what these kids are going through.  In the article I linked from above, these kids have it much worse than we did when we were in high school trying to make it through the day and the reason I think that Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is the perfect song for these kids is because it makes anyone who grew up and was bullied for being gay would be inspired to help prevent gay teen bullying and help to actually make a difference.  The post goes through some things that you can do and what I like most about it is that it actually brings out a good point, this is one cause where one person can actually make a difference.  Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is not only an amazing song but it is also inspirational.  I highly encourage you to listen to it and play it for other people and then find a way to help your community develop a safe haven or a safety program not only for gay teen youth, but to help stop bullying for all teens and kids in school.

Bullying isn’t just calling people names anymore.  It is posting pictures and videos of them on the internet that can last forever and it is about harassing them 24 hours a day instead of just during school hours.  Gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide from gay teen bullying needs to stop and people need to start taking action to help prevent it.  Below is Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom as well as the video that actually got me to cry and also a great clip of Martin Sheen ripping the Christianity argument to shreds.  The article I linked to has the Ellen Video, the Fox news video and I highly recommend the Tim Gunn one as well.  Being gay is not a sin and there is so much more to life than the assholes you may have to deal with when you are younger.  Life gets better and you have to tough it through it.  Being bullied is not fun and eventually you will be able to get away from it.  If you are a gay teen, trust me, life gets better.  You don’t have to stay in your town for your entire life and you will meet thousands of people just like you.  You will have rights and the bullying will end.  Tough it out and remember that life does get better.