Sidetracks Chicago – The home of Showtunes Night in the US.

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So if your a broadway buff and want to have a great night out with everyone from Bea Arthur and her Bossom Buddy to Patty Lupone where she agrees that anything goes and have a vodka stinger with Elaine Stritch, then you cannot get better than Sidetracks in Chicago on Friday evening, Sunday Evening and all Monday night.

Sidetracks which is one of the more popular trendy gay bars in Chicago Illinois is a ton of fun but also the home of Showtunes night in the United States.  Going there is insane, it is like a 12 hour marathon of call backs and people yelling at the screen, everyone singing songs from shows from the Zigfield Follies to Wicked and Spring Awakening and even throwing napkins on queue during Evita and Titanic.   It is one of the most amazing and energetic showtunes nights in the world and the best part is that even if you are straight you won’t feel left out as everyone is welcome on showtunes night and there is a huge straight population that shows up, so lift up your head and wipe off that mascara ladies because you’re gonna get out of there and head to boystown for an amazing night at Sidetracks.   Now, with three different nights to go to showtunes there, how do you choose which one to go to?

I’d say go all three nights every week but get there before 11 as the last couple hours of showtunes on Monday and 7 each other night is packed and it will be hard to get a drink,,,even though they have 7 full bars throughout the club.  If you can’t make every night for showtunes at sidetracks in chicago, then you may want to do Sunday evening from I think 4pm to 9 pm.  My opinion on this is that it is the perfect way to end your weekend and have some fun before your have to start your week over again and hey, if you really need to get away or come down after a long week at work, stop by on Friday evening for a drink and have fun with the bartenders who sing and dance along with the crowd.

Sidetracks showtunes is amazing and the DJ Mikey is one of the best and has one of the largest collections and most amazing hard to find broadway videos in the world.  It is sure to be a good time for all broadway fans and a perfect vacation getaway if you happen to be in Chicago on a friday sunday or monday.   I love showtunes in Chicago and know you will to.

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  1. Tony

    great article.. butit is “sidetrack” not sidetracks..

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Thank you for the comment. We always called it Sidetracks so I guess we had it wrong. =0)