Falling in Love with Love from Cinderella

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So fall is here and everyone is getting the urge to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend to cuddle up with when the nights get chilly and winter starts to set in.  I can see in chat rooms people wanting dates instead of hookups or one night stands and everyone is back into romance and not caring as much about their diets since summer is over.  The fun thing about fall is that since you have Summer behind you and everyone wants someone to spend the winter with you can bring out the popcorn and pop in a movie instead of having cocktails on the beach and snuggle up with someone you hope to fall in love with.

You have halloween and horror movies that give you the excuse to not only wear extremely fun halloween pajamas, but also to spend that first night cuddled up together because you are scared from the movie…or at least can use that as the excuse.  After you have those first couple nights together you begin to fall in love and soon enough Thanksgiving is here and it is time to start dating seriously and meet the other person’s family.  Soon after you have your first Christmas together as a couple and may even get to say your very first I love you.  A week later you are toasting your new relationship with a glass of champagne and welcoming in the new years and it all began because people want to fall in love in the fall.   With everyone looking for love and falling in love with the fall it made me remember one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite broadway stars Bernadette Peters.  Bernadette Peters sang a song from the show Cinderella called Falling in love with love.

The song is a satire of people falling in love because they are in love.  Instead they should fall in love with the idea of marriage and moving forward in society.  Back when Cinderella would have been alive arranged marriages were common and just like in Fiddler on the Roof people would marry based on wealth and how they can move forward in society.  Although that is not very common in the USA now a days, people actually thought and believed it was the right thing to do and Bernadette Peters makes an excellent person to sing this satirical song.  I was asked to go on a date and am not sure if I am going to because for me, I don’t think I will be falling in love anytime soon, then again you never know when love will find you.

Here is Falling in Love with Love from Cinderella and sung by Bernadette Peters.