Everyone’s a Little Bit Racisct from Avenue Q in London Live

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So I needed a quick pick me up today and when I was walking home from brunch, well taking a cab with my mom who was visiting, we came across this seriously uptight person.  I live in Washington DC and everyone who is new here is extremely PC.  The problem is that DC is probably one of the most un-PC towns there is.  Sure when you have to deal with government contractors and government employees and government HR departments they are extremely strict but when you get them outside work or with a few drinks in them people’s real colors show.

I guess when you have to deal with some seriously annoying bureaucratic bullcrap all day long and follow every instruction to the dot on each sentence you eventually go crazy and need a break from all of the regulations and politically correct bullsh*t.  The problem is that when people first move here and only want to talk about politics and get scared to death to hear someone referred to as black or asian or white or fat or anorexic or other adjectives they go crazy.  Not only do they come with high hopes and beliefs about their own cause or political agenda but they love to try and force it down everyone they meet’s throats.  The problem is that those of us who have been living here for more than a few years or even more than 5 or ten years cannot stand these people.  It’s like they seriously need to get over it and just because they are in Washington DC it doesn’t mean they can bring up politics or causes because guess what, you never know where people stand on issues.

Every election people lose their jobs and more people move in.  Just because you are in a bar and believe in or are fighting for one cause doesn’t mean the person sitting next to you isn’t your opposition.  The people that last here and are able to make friends here learn to separate their emotions and work from their friendships and personal lives.  Not everyone wants to hear about what you think is wrong with the world and how you are here to fix it and not many people care to hear about it after work is over…unless they are new here.  When it comes to describing someone guess what, terms like black, tall, white, bad hair, ugly sweater sort of work because they help you figure out who it is.  Just because you say African American doesn’t mean they are from Africa.  You may offend that person especially if they are from the Virgin Islands and actually just a black American.  Anyways, the point of this rant is that this stupid person got bent out of shape and upset that I described someone as the black guy who was tall and wearing a certain colored shirt.  She went off the handle and butted into my conversation and really had no business to.

Although I didn’t mean it as being racist, she apparently thought it was so I sort of told her to F off and mind her own business.  At a certain point you just need to stop and she was more than at that point.  It also got me thinking about one of my favorite songs from Avenue Q, Everyone’s a little bit racist.  It is a song describing sort of what I am talking about but a little more extreme.

I’m not a complete racist and really don’t hate many people, especially not because of the color of their skin and I think that Everyone’s a little bit racist from Avenue Q does a great job at telling people to just get over it if it isn’t meant in a negative way.  Sure Everyone’s a little bit racist from Avenue Q goes a bit above and beyond what they should do, but it is all in good fun.  Here is the live performance by the London cast of Everyone’s a little bit racist from Avenue Q.