Tick Tick Boom – Therapy

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So I had a falling out with my exbest friend of over a decade this year and recently I found out my ex best friend is not doing very well.  Sure most of what I have heard is rumors and from semi reliable sources but the reality is that what they are saying also happens to be the same reasons why I no longer wanted to talk to or spend time with my ex best friend.

Although the falling out was on good terms and neither of us hate the other or wish bad things on each other, we also don’t want to talk to each other and what is going on in our lives is no longer eachother’s business.  When I heard that my e best friend may be having a hard time with something though my first reaction was to want to call him.  Unfortunately I also knew that that would be a bad thing.

Yes I am concerned for my ex best friend because of how long we had been friends but at the same time I know how my ex best friend would react…which is why I am also not making any actual references in this blog about gender, name, etc…  Although I wish I could call my ex best friend, it is no longer my business.  What is funny though is that our mutual friends each say that we ask about each other but they also understand that neither of us wants to be friends again.  Its kind of one of those odd situations where we still care for each other because of how long we were friends but we also know that we are better off not being friends any longer.  I do miss my ex best friend and when I was thinking about a song or two to add in to this blog tonight I came across a show I had almost completely forgotten about called Tick Tick Boom.

Tick Tick Boom was a show from the creator of Rent and unfortunately never got to take off or got the chance to take off like Rent did.  The music, the score and the characters are phenominal and the song Therapy from Tick Tick Boom stood out to me because it is about two friends talking on the phone or wanting to talk to each other on the phone but neither one will call or if they do be able to talk about what they wanted to talk about.  Therapy from Tick Tick Boom is an awesome song and one that is almost impossible to sing without lots of practice on the lyrics.  Wait until you see the tounge twisting lyrics from the song and because it is a tounge twister it sort of fits into the theme of if you did call that person and they did answer, what happens if your tounge gets twisted.  Anyways I love the song and the show so here is Therapy from Tick Tick Boom.  Please feel free to leave a comment below or to hit the green tweet or retweet button above if you would like to share this song with your friends on twitter.