Laura Bell Bundy – Giddy On Up

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So we all know Laura Bell Bundy and the blond babe and diva of Legally Blonde but before she was legally blonde and playing the role of Elle Woods, even before she was working the show Wicked, our little lady of the stage and screen was working the Country Music World.

Ok, to be honest I really have absolutely no idea if it was before or after that she did a country music song but one thing is for sure, if you love Broadway and you love the extremely talented Laura Bell Bundy, then you will more than likely love her version of the Country Music song Giddy On Up.

Laura Bell Bundy not only brings country music and line dancing to a new level, but she also does something that most country singers cannot do with their videos.  She makes it sexy, brings in non line dancing moves and makes them seem like they fit into the music and the dancing like it was natural.  Not to mention it is hard to take your eyes of the male or female dancers, depending on what you are into.

Laura Bell Bundy is an under appreciated talent on Broadway.  She is gorgeous, blond, talented, she can act, sing a million styles of music and she can smile…believe it or not smiling is half of your show.  It’s what people remember when you first get on stage and the last thing they remember when you are bowing and waving goodnight to them.  She has everything she needs to be a star and she has all the breaks but with other stars appearing on shows like Glee she is not getting some of the attention that she deserves.

Whether or not she ever sees this, Laura Bell Bundy, we love you and I had some friends over from the DC Gays Men’s Chorus for drinks tonight and your name was mentioned a couple times when we were going over shows we saw in NY this year.  We love you here at broadway reviewed and you will always have a place in our hearts and we will always be first in line for your shows if you tour or if we are in NYC.

So here is Laura Bell Bundy singing Giddy On Up.