Lauren Becall – Alive from Applause (The Gay Bar Song)

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If there is one name or icon that everyone still knows but not everyone can name a thing she did, it has to be the fabulous Lauren Becall.  Everyone has heard references to her name whether it is about old Hollywood and Broadway glamour or just famous and classy stars, Lauren Becall set the standard for elegance, class and being fabulous.

Lauren Becall had a very unique voice where it is was very strong and very recognizable if you have ever heard it.  She could speak and sing a song all at the same time as making her presence known.  She was tall, beautiful and absolutely the definition of elegance.  The funny thing though is that even though she was a standard for class, she did a lot of off beat things and shows like the Musical Applause.

One of the most famous scenes and songs from Applause is when Lauren Becall leaves her opening night and instead of celebrating with the cast or at a fabulous party or in her house or hotel she decides to go to a gay bar.  When I was watching the clip of the song But I’m Alive from Applause starring Lauren Becall it hit me, Luanne from the Real Housewives of New York is trying to be Lauren.

There are millions of references to Lauren Becall like in Evita when Eva Peron sings Lauren Becall me, from my head to my toe, but unfortunately for Luanne I don’t think people are ever going to do that for her.  Luanne is fabulous in her own way.  She’s a fag hag, she has great posture and she speaks with a ton of voice and certainty that I hadn’t seen until I heard Lauren Becall sing I’m Alive from Applause.  It was shocking.  It was almost like watching Luanne sing her song Elegance is Learned on the Real Housewives of NYC.  The resemblance is almost scary and Luanne sort of acts like Lauren Becall had possessed her.  I always hated Luanne on the show but after seeing how similar she acts to Lauren Becall, I kind of love her now.  Next time I go to Nellies Gay Bar in Washington DC and see the picture of Luanne on the wall from when she was there I am going to have to look twice.  It is kind of scary how Luanne is able to become and live Lauren Becalls character and all of the sudden I can stand her now.

Here is the clip from Applause of Lauren Becall going to the gay bar on opening night.