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As a fan of all fractured fairytales I was a major fan of Greggory Maquire and practically jumped up and down when I heard that his best-selling novel ‘Wicked’ was being adapted for the Broadway stage. When I finally got to go see it in all of its emerald green glory I was not disappointed, to say the least. Wicked: The Musical has become so popular that it’s now one of the ten longest-running plays in Broadway history. Proving that I am not alone in my obsession.

So what do you get a Wicked super-fan for the holidays? Here are some ‘Wickedly’ awesome gift ideas to help any Ozian’s heart defy gravity…

1) Wicked Witches Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Send your ‘Wicked’ witch out the door with this beautifully designed travel mug featuring the best frenemies in all of Oz. Click here to buy this Elphaba and Galinda travel mug!

Help your Wicked obsessed loved ones dress the part with the following clothing gift ideas…

2) Shiz University T-shirt (click the link below to find more options)

That special fan can off their Wicked school spirit with this Shiz University T-shirt. Click here to buy this Shiz U t-shirt!

3) “There Are Two Sides to Every Story” Wicked Tank Top

This women’s tank top is a ‘Wickedly’ stylish reminder to always see both sides of this story. Click here to buy this Wicked tank top!

4) Wicked Sweatpants

Anyone would be happy to lounge around in these comfy sweatpants with the Wicked logo down the sides. Click here to buy these Wicked sweatpants!

5) Ruby Red Slipper Socks

These knee high striped socks with ruby red slippers are the perfect gift for the witch of the east or west in your life. Hopefully they just enjoy having warm toes and no one drops a house on them. Click here to buy these ruby red slipper socks!

Here are a couple great gifts for you and your BFF to share and show off your love of Wicked…

6) Hand Stamped Elphaba and Galinda BFF Necklaces

Nothing describes friendship better than this statement “Because I knew you, I have been changed for the good”. Click here to buy these Wicked BFF necklaces

7) “Because I Knew You” BFF Bracelets

These bracelets are another great way for you and your bestie to show how much your friendship means to each other in a way that only true Wicked fans will understand. Click here to buy these Wicked BFF bracelets!

8) Standard Size Wicked Pillowcase

If you want to make sure that your loved ones are having a ‘Wicked’ night’s sleep, this pillow case is a perfect gift. Click here for this Wicked pillowcase!

9) Defying Gravity Wall Decal

If you’re looking for an inspirational gift that can be enjoyed year-round, this wall decal will do the trick. With this quote on the wall from the powerful song ‘Defying Gravity’, no one will ever bring your loved one down. Click here to buy this Defying Gravity Wall Decal!

10) Wicked The Musical: A Pop-Up Book

This book, Wicked The Musical: A Pop-Up Compendium of Splendiferous Delight and Thrillifying Intrigue (say that 10 times fast), is such a creative gift for a super-fan. It’s like putting a mini version of Broadway in their hands (you’ll have to provide the singing though). Click here to buy this Wicked pop-up book!

Help your friends and family celebrate the holiday the Ozian way…

11) One Short Day Ornament

This ornament commemorates Galinda and Elphaba’s awesome time together in Oz. And now you can give this pivotal moment as a gift to be enjoyed every year. Click here to buy this One Short Day ornament!

12) Bonus Ruby Red Slipper Ornament

The symbol of the ruby red slippers is an oldie but a goodie. This ornament makes a great holiday gift or it can even be used as a keychain and enjoyed all year long. Click here to buy this ruby red slipper ornament!

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