Out There from The Hunchback of NotreDame

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Ok, I’m starting to become obsessed with Disney’s Musical the Hunchback of NotreDame.  Not only was Ciara Renee’s performance from yesterday incredible, but I just heard Out There from the show as well.  This male ballad has everything you hope for in a broadway anthem.

It has belting, energy and a ton of hope and emotion.  Watch the video below to see how much energy this song has.  It reminds me of Idina Menzel singing The Wizard and I or even Let It Go.

Out There is basically a song about the world being amazing, full of life and hope.  It’s that nice time where you think everything is going to be good, people are awesome and you have a great lookout for the world.  You know, before you meet the jerks that ruin your day or stab you in the back, get dumped and have heartache for the first time or someone lets you down.  Not trying to be bitter, trying to help you remember those feelings when all you had to worry about was having fun.

Try to remember being a kid and watching TV.  Your parents would bring you food, play with you and you had no worries.  When you’re in college and you only had school and were excited to graduate and get out into the real world where you can make a difference.  Or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde when she first got to DC and thought she could make a difference.  Even the first one where she went to Harvard and didn’t realize that people outside of Delta Nu can suck.

Now that you’re either bitter and angry or can remember those feelings where the world is amazing (which it actually is), watch the video above and you’ll be as excited for Disney’s new Broadway Musical “The Hunchback of NotreDame” as I am.  Feel free to leave your comments or favorite song from the show as well or if you’re excited or not excited to see it.