Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairies – Played on Wine Glasses!

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I’ve been swamped with work lately which is why I haven’t been posting, but today this video showed up in my Facebook feed and it is worth sharing.  It’s Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies played on wine glasses.  Not only is this song amazing on it’s own, just like wine, but when you combing the two it is insane.

They call the instrument a glass harp, I call it a seriously fun table for wine pong (better than beer) but if you use water, why not play some awesome music.  This video is the perfect way to get you ready for the holidays.

I’ve seen a ton of videos of cool things people do with wine glasses and music.  From getting drunk and not being afraid to sing, to playing some cool notes and sounds.  However, these two people do an amazing job and it’s almost hard to believe you could do this.

The song is iconic and I’m pretty sure that if Tchaikovsky was able to see his work performed like this, even he would give a standing ovation.  Have a happy holiday everyone and if you like this video, feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.